Sofa Keila

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During our daily stay in our home, we do not even realize the importance of a comfortable and high-quality sofa on which we spend time. A good sofa should be functional, practical, aesthetically pleasing and, above all, comfortable. The Kayla three-seater sofa is the perfect choice for your home with a combination of all the above features



Looking for a stylish sofa with high legs? You’ll love the Kayla sofa bed. Despite the width of more than 2 meters, the sofa looks neat even in a small living room.


  • 2 large pillows provide soft and ergonomic support for the back and neck.
  • The sofa unfolds with the help of a convenient transformation mechanism – the seat is simply raised and extended, and the backrest is placed in its place.
  • Thin metal legs with a powder coating create an impression of lightness.
  • The sofa has a niche for bed linen.
  • The bed size is 140×191 cm.

Additional information


2240 mm


1050 mm


890 mm


1400×1910 mm

Transformation mechanism

Niche for linen


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