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Almost everyone is familiar with the phrase “Everything is brilliant – simple.” But how can you apply it in your daily life, emphasizing the decent decoration of your home and the good taste of the owners? One of these ways is to purchase an Ancon sofa, a novelty designed for the modern and confident person. Your choice will satisfy both the need for a full sleep and rest, as well as aesthetic preferences.

The basis of the appearance of the sofa and its overall design is based on the principle of minimalism and maximum simplicity, by which this model will look harmonious in different types of interior. Ancona sofa will showcase the restrained classics in a new way and emphasize the best sides of a modern or loft style. The same advantage will be useful if you decide to refresh or even dramatically change the situation in the house – the design of the above model in any case will not lose its relevance.

Model Features

However, the exclusiveness of the sofa “Ancona” lies primarily in the filler of its seats and backrest. The Pocket Spring spring block is used as the base. This type of springs is used in high-end orthopedic mattresses and provides for the independence of the operation of each individual spring, the connection between which is carried out only by means of protective covers. As a result, you are guaranteed the quietness, elasticity and high sensitivity of the spring block, which will allow you to forget about restless sleep and enjoy a truly comfortable rest. Similar characteristics with the availability of price make “Ancona” really high quality furniture products, which has almost no analogues in its price segment.

An added benefit of the model is the convenient and simple transformation mechanism of the “Eurobook” type. In less than a minute you get a comfortable berth, and at the expense of the narrow armrests make the most of its entire area.

In addition, the model has a capacious linen drawer and beautiful oak legs, the color of which you can choose independently, depending on your preferences and the style of furniture already available

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Additional information

Transformation mechanism


2100 mm


980 mm


900 mm

Niche for linen



139х197 см


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