In the manufacture of upholstered furniture factory LATO uses only high-quality materials from leading manufacturers. One is Itavelluti – the world leader in production of furniture and decorative fabrics.

The beginnings are dated to 1968, when one of the company promoters Silvio Massi started his textile trade. In 1978 Adolfo Verniani joined him and they started Italvelutti S.p.A. company in the form it has been to this day. The headquarters of Italvelluti S.p.A. is placed in the town of Montemurlo in Toscania, Prato province which has been famous for centuries as one of the main Italian centres of textile production.

From the very beginning Italvelluti company gained excellent reputation in the textile trade. It was achieved by maintaining high quality standards, fast implementation of all technological innovations and direct and personalised style of management. At the same time the spirit of workmanship was preserved.

The key direction of Italvelluti activity is to create refined, modern textiles – which are mainly upholstering fabrics.The company cooperates with the most famous names in the field of fabric design, it constantly takes care of quality, technological progress and attractive design.

Italvelluti company has two weaving-mills in Montemurlo. There is also a spinning factory and logistic centre, finishing department with modern

From the very beginning the ambition of Italvelluti has been to create refined, modern textiles with attractive design. Over the years we have cooperated with the largest authorities on designing fabrics e.g. Mauro Lipparini, Laura Galetti or Claudio Nicolli.We also have a designing studio.  Italvelluti, as one of the first, has introduced the term: “collection” with reference to decorative fabrics. It means skilful combining of the materials of different textures, colours, design in a single, solid thematic whole.

Twice a year Italvelluti introduces new collections to the market of fabrics.The company takes into account all the current trends in the branch of design and interior decoration.Our customers are certain that when they choose our fabrics they not only get the quality and attractive price but also the most fashionable design, colours and finishing of the fabrics. As the result of our position in the area of pattern-designing we are regularly invited to the exclusive trade event which is “Proposte” textile fair held in Como every year.

By making use of the newest technologies available now in the textile industry, Italvelluti creates fabrics which combine extraordinary, aesthetic qualities with incredible functional features. Innovatory fabrics protected by nanotechnology the “ZERO SPOT SYSTEM“ can be the example of that. These textiles are extremely resistant to any dirt and stains. Another example is the whole series of materials destined to be used out door as well as inside.

Many known producers of famous world trademarks use the fabrics produced in Montemurlo factory. We have the pleasure to provide them to the best manufacturers  in middle east Europe. We are proud that the design of our textiles contributes to the creation of beautiful and original furniture which are appreciated by the customers.

 Italvelluti has always stressed the importance of technological innovations in the field of fabric production. The company was one of the first producers in Europe who used CAD computer system, which improves designing and the production of fabric.

   At present the company owes 3 factories in Montemurlo. Two of them are weaving-mills: one specialises in producing velour and the other jacquard materials.The company can also be proud of modern technological lines of fabric finishing. They allow independent covering of the fabrics with different kinds of impregnations. Thanks to that, Italvelluti offer contains textileswhich are made inflammable, fulfilling the European norms: “EN 1021 part 1 and 2”. The protection of the fabric against stains, e.g. covering it with Teflon, or the “ZERO SPOT SYSTEM” , are done by company independently, too. Modern machinery park allows Italvelluti constant experimenting with textile technologies. The firm can be proud of many patents connected with fabrics and their production. One of the key values of Italvelluti is the quality. Its monitoring has many stages: raw materials, yarn, produced fabrics. The technical parameters of fabrics are specified in the company’s laboratory.

   In the recent years we have also introduced the Lab – Dip system which is the system of automatic colouring of samples. Thanks to that Italvelluti can independently prepare the formulas for fabric dyes. It allows fulfilling the aesthetic expectations of even the most demanding customers. As long as the proper minimum amount of production is kept, the customer can order any colour he likes.