Sofa Roma


A cozy and at the same time a fundamental sofa “Roma” will decorate your living room and the object of everyday use, preserving the quality and pristine appearance for many years. The peculiarity of the model is that when the backrest cushion is transformed, the backrest is raised and lowered due to a special mechanism. With the help of the fastening system, the seat cushions are installed on the “Tornado” transformation mechanism, which allows you not to remove them when folding the sofa. Meanwhile, in the “bed” position, the seat cushions are located under the transformation mechanism, without taking up any excess space in the apartment.

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Height: 1090 mm
Depth: 1060 mm
Length: 2200 mm
Overall dimension from the rear edge of the sofa to the end of the decomposed mechanism: 2400 mm
The size of the berth: 1900×1400 mm modular.

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