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Bold design from LATO, architectural masterpiece, fantastic details, undeniable style and comfort. The sofa of Monaco has large cushions for sitting and adjustable back cushions that will give you comfort Platinum-level. A spacious seating space with a low overall height – a real surprise for interiors in a minimalist style.

The model is equipped with a mechanism for daily sleep New roller. A significant advantage of this mechanism is that when unfolding you do not need to remove the cushions for sitting. This significantly saves time and space in the room.

This versatile collection of LATO includes a sofa, an armchair and is modular. And offered in a wide range of colors of Italian leather and fabrics will help you choose the perfect combination to display your personality and lifestyle!

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1 review for Sofa Monaco

  1. Aliona Romanova

    Покупали в 2013 году диван этой фирмы Монако, очень качественно сделан сам диван, кожа, система ламполет очень крутая)))Спасибо, пользуемся диваном почти 5 лет, никаких проблем.

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