Sofa Nizza modern

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The Nice Modern sofa is equipped with one of the most modern New roller transformation mechanisms. The peculiarity of it is that during the unfolding of the sofa it will not be necessary to remove the cushions. This saves both the space in the room, and the time that is wasted on folding the couch.

Complete set of sofa Nice Modern

The production of Nice Modern sofa is executed both with the Lampollet mechanism, and without it. Sofa Nice Modern has two variants of armrests. Both versions are straight armrests in the Art Nouveau style. If you like more sofas of classical style, then pay attention to the sofa Nice Classic.

Dimensions of Nice Sofa Modern

Standard size (with the mechanism of transformation):

Sofa-three (bed 140×190):

Narrow armrest with perimeter decor: 190×104 cm
Straight wide armrest: 205×104 cm
Sofa-four (bed 160х190):

Narrow armrest with perimeter decoration: 210×104 cm
Straight wide armrest: 225×104 cm
Custom sizes:

Any sofa can be extended to any number of sections. All sizes of sofas (three, four) have two pillows.


The sofa Nice Modern has a very presentable look in the leather upholstery. But if you prefer textile wraps, we will suggest you choose a suitable fabric for your interior.

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