Furniture. Sofas

Мебель Диваны

The design of the room determines not only the style of decoration of walls, floor and ceiling, but also its filling – furniture. Sofas are if not the main, then the key subject, because they provide space for sitting, and also provide comfort and coziness.

Sofas are used not only for living quarters. Cafes, restaurants, reception rooms, lounges – wherever comfort is a part of the institution’s image and shows concern for visitors, this piece of furniture fits perfectly. It allows you to relax and spend time as pleasantly as possible, whether it’s a meeting with friends in a cafe or waiting for your turn at a beauty salon.

There is a great variety of sofas. They have been modified and changed throughout their existence, and new and new models are still being created. The difference can be in any characteristics:

  • Design
  • Dimensions
  • Filler material
  • Upholstery
  • Features of mechanisms, etc.

Any furniture manufacturer gives particular attention to sofas, and LATO is no exception. In the catalog on the site there are two large groups of sofas:


The traditional design of the sofa is a straight line. For small rooms this is the optimal solution, since it occupies a minimum of space. Many direct sofas have a transformation device, that is, they expand, increasing the area of ​​the seats, which can be used for sleeping.


Although corner sofas are mainly used in larger rooms due to their large dimensions, they use the space occupied to the maximum advantage and, in the end, seem fairly compact. They can be placed near a wall, in a corner or in the middle of a room (this arrangement also allows zoning space).

It’s good to cooperate with LATO in that it is a direct manufacturer, so you can only get quality and original furniture. Sofas can be provided in standard sizes or made according to the customer’s parameters. If desired, you can purchase armchairs and pouffes, which will constitute a single set. Also, it is possible to order an exclusive model, independently choosing the design, upholstery and color. More details about the features of production, model diversity and places of sale of finished products can be found on the site.